Web Design

Need a new website? Just about anyone can put a website together these days. We are search engine optimisation specialists, and our websites are developed in a way that search engines love.

Our web design and development services give you the best of both worlds – attractive design and search engine optimisation. Our websites are also designed intuitively so as to generate conversions, resulting in more business for you.

What makes our service so special?

See below for a glimpse at what our Web Design includes.

Website Design Features

Complete SEO structure


Attractive design

Easy-to-use Wordpress platform

Optimised for conversions

Advanced Security

Need more info? Here are the features laid out

Complete SEO Structure

The structure of your website is very important. A complete SEO structure ensures that the coding, arrangement of pages, and internal linking is all optimised for search engines. If you have your website designed elsewhere and then decide to do SEO, it is very hard to go back and make these changes without incurring a huge cost. We shudder when we see some of the websites we have to optimise. Remember, your everyday web designer does not know SEO.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

This means that your website will display properly on smartphones and tablets. It won't be a mobile website - it will be a 'responsive' website. Mobile websites are separate from desktop websites and have to be maintained and updated separately. No one has time for that! With a responsive web design, you'll be able to update your company website just once and the changes will be the same across all devices. How good is that!

Wordpress Platform

Wordpress is the best platform for most business websites in our opinion. It will enable you to easily make changes to the content on the website yourself without having to pay someone each time. Wordpress also has a huge library of software add-ons which can be used to optimise your site and give it just about any functionality you could possibly need. Another benefit is that just about any web designer or developer in the world will be able to make adjustments to the site code for you. Stay away from companies that hold set websites up on their own platform that nobody else knows how to use or can have access to. We don't believe in holding people's websites ransom! Our customers stick with us because they like and trust us. We are sure you will too.

Attractive Design

You will have heard of web designers, web developers, and IT guys. What's the difference when it comes to websites? Web designers are creative individuals who can make a site look great. Web developers do the difficult coding aspects of a website. IT guys usually have nothing to do with websites - they have a completely different skill set. What are we? We are SEOs who can also do web design. SEO and web design are different skills, but we started as web designers before we become experts at search engine optimisation. So now we combine both skills to give you an attractive web design which search engines and people love! 

Optimised for Conversions

Just because your website appears above your competitors in Google, doesn't mean that you will get more business. Your website has to be structured in a way that convinces potential customers to choose your business over your competitors. We arrange your website in such a way so as to get the highest conversion rate possible. We are professional marketers, not just web designers.

Advanced Security

Don't rely on a tricky password to secure your site. We use cutting-edge security methods to protect your site from hackers and malware. In this day and age, website security is a must.