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Are you ready to unleash Webgator’s professional-grade SEO on your business? We have been in the SEO industry for over 10 years and know how to rank any site for any keyword. We are also experienced at diagnosing rankings issues and removing penalties. Even though we offer many services here at Webgator, we specialise in search engine optimisation.

Maybe you have dabbled in SEO before or paid for SEO services that ended up in disaster. Many website owners have had their sites penalised due to shady SEO services. You’ll be happy to know that the services we provide are safe, consistent, and long-term. We do not use nor condone high-risk, ‘flash-in-the-pan’ tactics.

Our success speaks for itself. Our clients enjoy multiple first-page rankings for their main search terms. Webgator is also ranked in the top 10 positions for major keywords like ‘SEO Brisbane’ and others. You can be sure that if we can get results for ourselves, we can get results for you too!


SEO Pricing, Packages and Reporting

Our pricing and SEO packages vary depending on the industry we are promoting and customer requirements. Here are a few pricing options:

Managed SEO:

Managed SEO is where we manage the ranking of a website. We charge a monthly fee to do this. The monthly fee goes towards both on-page and off-page SEO activities. We always recommend a pricing point for each client based on their needs, however we will always do our best to work within whatever budget our clients have.

Getting Webgator to manage the ranking of your site is the best option because we take full-responsibility over the results and our reputation is connected to those results – for good or bad. In many cases we have worked well-beyond the budget provided by our clients and absorbed those extra costs. When we take over a SEO project, we really work hard to get the best results possible for the budget we have to work with.

Here are some current pricing points we have recommended:

BASIC SEO Campaign: $550+GST per month
This campaign is great for brand new websites which need a foundation built. It covers the on-page SEO and foundation link building. Foundation links include business directories, Web 2.0 properties, social media links and others. This campaign is also used for sites in low competition industries who already have Page 1 rankings and just want to maintain those rankings.

STANDARD SEO Campaign: $820+GST per month
This campaign is great for low to medium competition industries such as local trades. It includes everything in the BASIC SEO Campaign as well as high-authority backlinks and some advanced methods.

ADVANCED SEO Campaign: $1500+GST per month
This campaign is great for medium to medium-high competition keywords. It involves everything in the BASIC and STANDARD SEO Campaigns, but has much more power behind it.

The cost of SEO will depend on how many pages you are wanting to rank. Each page will need its own campaign. If requiring more than one campaign, the pricing may be different than the above because some resources may be shared between the campaigns – reducing the costs.

Backlinks only:

This option is for business owners or other digital agencies that already have an understanding of Google search engine optimisation and just want to purchase quality backlinks to boost the authority of their sites. In fact, other agencies ranking for SEO Brisbane are also using our backlinks because they are safe and provide great results when used properly. Our backlinks start from $150 per link. We do not recommend this option for anyone inexperienced with SEO. If used incorrectly they can result in a site getting penalised – this is the same for any kind of backlink. Backlinks alone are rarely enough for a site to get ranked. Solid on-page optimisation is also needed. The backlinks and on-page SEO need to work together to get the best results.


Webgator will provide reports on a regular basis. These reports will be by way of an email or phone call. The report will be an overview of how your campaign is going and the plan for the following month. For Managed SEO campaigns we do not provide link reports or a list of things we have done for the month being reported on. We appreciate that business owners want transparency, but we do not share our exact ranking process with anyone outside of Webgator for various reasons. Ultimately, what our clients really want is results, not a laundry list of SEO jargon. We don’t sell reports – we sell results.
For most clients we have no lock-in contracts, and they can cancel with just 30-days’ notice.

5.0 rating out of 10 reviews on Google My Business.

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Webgator's Head Office is located in the Brisbane CBD area. You'll be happy to know that you don't need to come to our offices to sign up for our services. If you are located in the Brisbane CBD or in Brisbane's surrounding suburbs, we may be able to arrange a time to meet you at your place of business. If you do plan on coming to our office please be sure to phone ahead to make an appointment. Otherwise, we can simply chat over the phone or Skype as we do with most our clients.

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Choose Webgator SEO Brisbane

Successful SEO comes down to methods and ethics. We use a technical SEO approach which gets solid results for our Brisbane-based clients. We also have a lot of experience working in many different industries. You can be sure that we will be able to provide high-quality search engine optimisation services to your business too.

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We get rankings in competitive markets such as



Furniture Removals


Car Rental


. . . . and many more

Client Reviews

Colin Hunt Webgator Review

Colin Hunt - Director, EzyAccounts

We have been using Webgator’s SEO services for over a year now, and we are thrilled to be on Page 1 of Google for our most important keywords in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Webgator have always been very accommodating with anything we have asked them to do, including coming to meet us at our office on multiple occasions. They conduct themselves professionally in a friendly manner and make complex issues easy to understand.

Webgator Review

Joshua Reid - Owner, Brisbane Gutter Clean

These guys were very easy to deal with. Very professional and the work completed without fuss in a prompt manner. We would happily recommend Webgator.

seo testimonial

Con Georgiou - Owner, Heart Thai Food

In just a few short months working with Webgator we have gotten amazing results, best money I've ever spent promoting my business, and in this new digital age I don't think I will ever waste money on old school advertising again. It's always hard to track the effectiveness of advertising but with the SEO work Webgator did on my site I can really see the traffic it's generating by the amount of calls I'm getting for catering now - something new we offer and promoted through SEO.

Frank Dunne

Frank Dunne - Founder, Web Coach

We build websites for tradies and small business owners and we send all our clients requiring SEO to Webgator. Every client we have sent to Webgator for SEO services has made it onto the first page of Google. They always provide honest timeframes of when clients can expect to make it onto the first page of Google, and clear quotes of the costs required. We have never had an unhappy client dealing with Webgator!

Alison Doyle - Director, Tax Wise Accounting

Webgator has been great in making a rather scary endeavour into a smooth sailing one. For someone who is very new to social media and online marketing and SEO (now that I know what seo is!) it has been great to have a company we can wholeheartedly trust. I highly recommend Webgator to anyone who wants to see amazing results for their business.

Jessica Edkins

Jessica Edkins - Director, The Rosy Room

I had a wonderful experience working with Webgator. They had a wealth of knowledge and helped our website come up in Google in a matter of weeks. Thank you so very much!

Allan Morris

Allan Morris - Owner, ALS Glass Works

Fast, prompt and very knowledgeable with excellent customer service. Highly recommend Webgator and their services.

Jared Stewart

Jared Stewart - Owner, CCC

My experience with Webgator was nothing but first class! I would recommend them to anyone concerned about their online business image and presentation or anyone requiring a high level of expertise in online web design and marketing. I would describe their services as efficient, courteous, and cost effective. We appreciate their accommodating and fulfilling our many requests in a timely and pleasant manner. I look forward to a long business relationship into the future.

Mark Jolley

Mark Jolley - Owner, BTF

Finally after going through 10+ SEO companies I found someone who delivers. Webgator did what everyone else promised and failed to deliver. I wasted years with other companies, and just got excuses. Webgator got me to number one.

Mick Bentham

Mick Bentham - Director, Certified Roofing

I would like to sincerely thank you for the interest you have taken in promoting my businesses.

Tony Poole CEO Parasyn

Tony Poole - CEO, Parasyn

Webgator are always responsive and consistently provide additional value to Parasyn by providing creative ideas on how to optimise our web presence. We are confident in Webgator’s ability to help Parasyn with our ambitious digital growth strategies.

John Shaba

John Shaba - Owner, Shaba Digital

Webgator is an extraordinary SEO consultant. They are professional, knowledgeable and always ready to put the customer first and ensure that any relationship is always a win/win for everyone. If you are considering working with Webgator, just do it. You will be glad you did.

Our Selection Criteria

We want to be upfront about something. We cannot accept all businesses as clients. We only accept businesses that we are confident we can help to succeed.

We take this stand because we are not interested in taking advantage of others. We are strongly committed to long-term relationships – just like we have already established with our current clients. So we will never take on a new client if we feel we can’t help them get a return on investment.

Your business must:

• not be in the adult, dating, gambling, political or religion/spirituality industries

• have a good reputation for providing quality service and/or products

• have an established website (not just a domain)

SEO Company in Brisbane

How does your business measure up?

If you feel your business is in alignment with our criteria and would like to discuss your business with one of our Google SEO experts, we will be more than happy to schedule a convenient time to talk with you.

To get the ball rolling, please complete the SEO QUOTE FORM below. It is really simple to do. We want to give you the most value as possible, and this requires we do considerable research into your current situation and your market. In fact, after receiving your form, one of our veteran SEO experts will go through the information and prepare a SEO strategy for your business.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a call on 1800 WEBGATOR (932428), or get in touch with us via our contact page.


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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Without proper on-page optimisation, a site will not rank well. If a site is under-optimised it may not rank as high as it could if optimised properly. If a site is over-optimised it could get an algorithmic penalty and get stuck on page 2 or 3 of the search engines.

There are many parts of a website that need to be fine-tuned such as:

  • URL Structure
  • Content Structure
  • Performance (Speed and User Experience)
  • Meta Tags
  • Schema markup

The on-page SEO is always the very first thing we do when launching an SEO campaign. However, it’s very unlikely that a website will rank purely due to on-page SEO. Off-page SEO is also needed.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the process of building authority for a website. This authority is built up using backlinks. A backlink is made when one website links to another. We use a range of methods to acquire safe and ethical backlinks from powerful websites. As the authority of your website increases, your rankings will increase too.

We build backlinks using the following sources and methods:

  • Premium Media
  • Press Releases
  • Social Properties
  • Guest Posts
  • Business Directories

Building backlinks the wrong way is the main cause of ranking penalties. At Webgator, our SEO methods are safe and effective because we use high-quality linking sources combined with the right anchor text ratios.

Link Building

Some companies already have an optimised website, and simply need link building. Using Webgator to build up your website’s authority is a great choice. Our methods are safe, scale-able, and powerful. Before we begin the backlinking campaign, we do a complete audit of the current links that are pointing the site and examine the anchor text ratios. With this data we can form a linking strategy.

The backlinks we acquire vary depending on the strategy we are using. Since not all backlinks are built equal, and some are much more costly to acquire than others, we simply work along with whatever budget you give us to work with.

There are several reasons why you should use Webgator to manage your backlinking:

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    We are Brisbane SEO specialists
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    We don’t use shady or automated backlinking strategies
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    We use a technical SEO approach
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    Our backlinking strategies are safe and powerful
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    We can scale up or down depending on budget and KPI goals

If you are interested in using Webgator’s backlinking service, please request a quote using the standard quote form below.

Brisbane SEO services

Penalty Removal

If your site has a penalty, we can usually remove it. There are two main types of penalties:

Manual Penalty

This type of penalty appears in the Google Search Console (AKA Webmaster Tools) under ‘Manual Actions’. It means that a Google employee has visited a website and found that either the backlink profile is spammy or the website itself is misleading or unsafe in some way. These types of penalties point us in the right direction so we know what needs to be done to get the penalty removed.

Algorithmic Penalty

This type of penalty is the most difficult to solve as we don’t know for sure what has caused it. It could be over-optimisation on the website, spammy backlinks, or a bad anchor text ratio. Since there is no notification from Google regarding an algorithmic penalty, we need to do some research into the health of the site to see if a penalty is likely being applied to the site.

We suspect a site has an algorithmic penalty if it:

– is an aged site (at least 1 year old), and

– already has enough content, and

– has a backlink profile which seems more powerful than the sites ranking above it, and

– has already had SEO done to it, and

– can’t get past page 3 for the target keyword

Our Penalty Removal Process

Removing a penalty can take as little as 1 week or as long as many months – it just depends on the extent of the damage and how quickly we can locate the issue. Once the issue is fixed, and the site resubmitted to Google, it can take a few weeks for the rankings to start improving again.

Do you think your site has a penalty? We would be happy to help you with this. Simply fill out the standard quote form and indicate your concerns in the ‘additional information’ section.

About Brisbane

Brisbane is considered as the third major city in Australia in terms of size and is home to nearly 2 million people. Brisbane is nestled in the southeast bend of Queensland and is located 960 kilometers north of Sydney and around 97 kilometers or 60 miles north of Australia’s Gold Coast. The city of Brisbane spars a total land area of about 700 square kilometers and houses more then 180 localities and suburbs. Considered as a river city because of its admirable location, Brisbane is indeed one of the most visited places in the world especially in The Land Down Under. The Brisbane River carries soft and gentle winds, which makes it pleasurable for both locals and tourists to fully enjoy and relish the sights and attractions of this vibrant and bustling city. In terms of shopping, Brisbane is brimming with signature shops and stores that sell everything you could ever want and need. It’s a fashion and shopping hub for both young and old. In terms of rainforests and parks, Brisbane has a lot to offer. They even offer river cruises to those who want to enjoy a delightful dinner while enjoying the afternoon to late-night breeze with the beautiful play of lights from Brisbane’s skyscrapers that reflect marvelously on the pristine waters of the Brisbane River.

The people who live in Brisbane get to enjoy a subtropical climate. During the summer they experience temperatures that range between 20 to 28 C and during the winter they experience temperatures ranging from 48 to 68 F. Most days of the year, Brisbane enjoys beautiful days of sunshine, which makes this awesome city a tourist-magnet. Brisbane is a city that has a lot to offer both locals and tourists alike. You will never run out of things to do while you are in Brisbane from food, to leisure, to shopping and entertainment, you name it and Brisbane has it for you!

You may also be interested to know that Webgator has a website offering search engine optimisation services dedicated to Brisbane businesses. You can visit for more information.

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