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- by far (in our humble opinion . . .)
We don't sell Australian web hosting. We buy it for our for our many websites. And there is only 1 hosting company we recommend for ANYONE serious about ranking well in Google.
Read below to see why.

Did you know that we own over 100 websites? We are also one of the top ranked search engine optimisation providers in Australia. In very competitive markets, we need to make sure that all our ducks are aligned so that we can outrank the competition. Choosing the right web hosting is really important. We only recommend Crucial Web Hosting.

Here’s why:

#1 Google Page Speed Insights Server Response Time Issue

If you run your website through Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, you’ll most likely noticed your score isn’t too good. You’ll see in the first section that there is a point about reducing server response time. Most hosting companies have this issue – except Crucial. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and run through the tool and see for yourself!

Now, when we talk about SEO, we are really just discussing how to rank well in Google. Getting Google’s own website speed tool to say your website is performing well is definitely something to value!

#2 The whole “Unlimited Web Hosting” Fine-Print Saga

You’ll see many Australian web hosting companies say that their plans are ‘Unlimited’. And, true to their word, they aren’t lying. However, there are always limits imposed, which you don’t find out about until you find your website is going down all the time.

On one such occasion with a multi-million-dollar retail company’s website, we asked the hosting company about the issue and they said that they had used up all their memory allocation. Sounds quite ridiculous doesn’t it? Why would an unlimited hosting plan be limited?

When you read the fine print you’ll see that the ‘Unlimited’ clause only refers to a few things – not everything your website needs to run well with high traffic volume. Now to be fair, even our recommended hosting provider has a similar policy. However, comparing apples to apples – their unlimited shared hosting is much better than the others we have used.

#3 Essential Software Add-ons and Email Hosting

If you’ve got the average Australian business, you’ll want to get hosting which has cPanel. It makes it so much easier to use. With our favourite web hosting company you can setup as many email accounts as you want and it’s included in the hosting fee. And it is super easy to do too. We see so many people buy hosting and then pay extra for email addresses – it’s totally ridiculous.

Many Australian hosting providers use cPanel nowadays, however not all of them have the functions that Crucial offer.

For example, inside cPanel they have a software called ‘Optimize Website’. Inside this function you can compress all the content on your site making it perform faster. But not all hosting companies have this function.

As part of the cPanel there are also a heap of cool addons that you can get which you’d normally have to pay for. With the click of a few buttons you can get a live chat software up and running, a support ticket system, malware and virus scan, website analytics, a WordPress website and a whole bunch of other things which you won’t believe you can get for free.

How much would you expect to pay an IT company to scan your website for Malware? Hundreds or even thousands if you believe the things they tell you. Here it is all available inside cPanel and you can just do it yourself.

#4 Trust

Google trusts hosting providers that have a good reputation for hosting legitimate sites. Many budget hosting providers end up with a heap of low-quality, spammy, gaming, and adult sites hosted on them because the hosting is cheap. If you’re buying shared hosting you could be put on the same shared IP as these bad sites, landing you in a bad neighborhood. If you know how to check for this you could ask to be changed to a different IP and see if that helps, but most likely you wouldn’t know where to start.

That’s why for any website we care about ranking, we get them onto our recommended hosting. It’s not the cheapest by any means but paying an extra $10-15 a month isn’t going to break the bank is it? It also rules out one extra thing we have to worry about.

#5 Customer Support

There is nothing worse than having an issue with your website and not being able to get help with it. When the issue is related to hosting, these guys are on it right away. They have always solved the issues we’ve had in the past.

A good hosting provider will have a live chat system where you can get help 24/7. A cheap hosting provider will have a ticket system, but very few have a live chat that actually works the way it should. If you value your time, get a host which has a proper support system in place.

Well, there you go. Our buyers guide to website hosting Australia! As we think of more things to add, we will include them here. But we just wanted to post this because we get so many questions about hosting from our clients. We have also had many struggles with hosting companies over the years and Crucial are just awesome. We put our reputation on recommending them to our clients, whereas we have stopped recommending any other hosting company in Australia.

You’ll also be interested to know that Crucial have no idea that we have written this post as we have done it completely for the benefit of our customers. We wouldn’t recommend something that didn’t work. We are just tired of fixing hosting issues for our clients, or having our awesome Brisbane SEO services being hindered by poor quality hosting which doesn’t have the functions we like to use.

If you have any further questions about web hosting, please contact us!

Best Australian Web Hosting
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