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Looking for a Sydney SEO agency that consistently delivers top rankings in Google? You’ve come to the right place. Webgator is a full-service digital agency, but we only specialise in one thing – search engine optimisation. SEO is at the very roots of our success and accounts for 95% of our current clientelle.

For SEO to be successful, it’s not so much about getting to Pg 1 of Google for revenue-producing keywords – it’s HOW those rankings are acheived. The processes used dictate how long the rankings will stick. There are many flash-in-the-pan tactics that can get “results” quickly, but they are by no means long term strategies. Shady SEO methods will eventually get a site penalised, and the road to recovery can be long and costly.

Webgator takes a technical and ethical approach to SEO. Technical SEO uses a data-driven approach to both on-page and off-page optimisation. Many factors are taken into account and worked into a core ranking strategy. Ethics are also very much involved as there are various third-party tools and services required for SEO to be effective. We only choose the safest and most reliable resources as part of our off-page SEO strategy.

Another reason our SEO methods are effective is because we give Google and other search engines exactly what they are looking for – a high-quality, authoritative, and consistent brand representation online. We don’t use keyword stuffing, link-wheels, automated linking software, or other spammy SEO tactics which are still widely being used.

At Webgator, we are very passionate and enthusiastic about SEO and want to use this help other Sydney businesses get top rankings and success online. So if you’re looking for a scalable, reputable, and ethical SEO company, we are confident you’ll be happy with Webgator’s SEO services.

How Long Does it take to Rank on Page 1 of Google?

The speed at which Page 1 rankings are achieved depends a lot on the level of competition and the amount of work required. When we do the quote for you we will let you know how much time it will take to get to page 1 of Google.

How Much does SEO Cost?

We offer tailored SEO solutions. The cost of SEO is related to the amount of work that is required and the speed at which results are needed. We have tools that we use to measure the level of competition in any market, so we can predict with relative certainty how much work and how many resources will be required to beat them. Since SEO is typically on-going, we just do our best to fit in with the marketing budget of our clients. We don’t force our clients to fit in with any specific pricing structure and time-line. When applying for a quote, we will present a recommended monthly budget. However this can be scaled up or down depending on the budget and time constraints of our clients.

Our Selection Criteria

Before requesting a quote, please make sure your business complies with our selection criteria. Please understand that we can’t service certain industries due to restrictions or conflicts within our current systems or processes.

Your business must:

  • not be in the adult, dating, gambling, political or religion/spirituality industires
  • already be investing money in some form of advertising
  • be an established business (not brand new with no cashflow)
  • have a good reputation for providing quality service and/or products
  • have an established website (not just a domain)

If you feel your business meets our Selection Criteria, please proceed by applying for a quote. If you don’t meet our Selection Criteria, please get in touch with us as we may be able to make other recommendations for you to help you get results. Simply visit our Contact page or call us on 1800 932 428 (1800 WEBGATOR). We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Client Reviews

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Frank Dunne - Founder, Web Coach

Frank Dunne

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Alison Doyle - Director, Tax Wise Accounting

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Jessica Edkins - Director, The Rosy Room

Jessica Edkins

"Fast, prompt and very knowledgeable with excellent customer service. Highly recommend Webgator and their services. ..."

Allan Morris - Owner, ALS Glass Works

Allan Morris


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About Sydney

The state capital of New South Wales is none other than Sydney. Sydney is by far the most populated city in all of Oceania and Australia. Situated on the east coast of the country, this bustling city is boarded by the world’s biggest harbor and it covers a land area of about seventy kilometers with Hawkesbury to the north, Blue Mountains to the west and Macarthur to the south. Around six hundred fifty eight suburbs make up Sydney with forty local government areas and fifteen nearby regions. Those who are born in the city are called ‘Sydneysiders’. As of last year 2016, Sydney was estimated to have a total population of around five million people.

For over three thousand decades, indigenous Australians occupied Sydney. It was Lieutenant James Cook who first arrived at Kurnell in the year 1770 when he made his way up the east coast of the country aboard his HMS Endeavor ship. However, it was only in 1788 when Sydney became a penal colony. This happened when the First Fleet, which sailed convicts led by Captain Arthur Phillip embarked in Botany Bay. This was the very first European Settlement in the country. Captain Philipp then coined the city as ‘Sydney’ in respect to the 1st Baron Sydney. Albeit considered as one of the most expensive cities all over the world, this has not stopped people from visiting the city. In 2014, Sydney ranked 10th place in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey in the entire world in connection with quality of living. Therefore, based on this survey, Sydney is indeed one of the most livable cities worldwide. Some of the main attractions in the city are the Royal National Park, then there’s the famous Sydney Opera House, which is now considered as a World Heritage Site, the Sydney Tower and many more. Sydney is a very urbanized city so everything you could ever need and more can be found in just one place.

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