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Use our premier Ad Management service to get the most out of your digital advertising budget and boost ROI.



Google AdWords can drive potential customers to your business from day one. It is one of the few marketing tools that can generate instant return on investment. More than 80% of your potential customers could be searching on Google for products and services which you offer. Google AdWords’ competitive bidding process allows your company to position strategic ads in front of all those customers. Google AdWords campaigns are only truly successful when managed by a certified and experienced agency.

Webgator is a certified Google Partner. This means Google recommends our AdWords management services. We achieve great success for our clients by means of our finely-tuned ad campaigns, our click-fraud prevention technology, and our collaboration with senior account managers from within Google.

You can be confident that we will get the most value out of your advertising budget.

What makes our AdWords Management services effective?

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    We really listen. We make sure that we understand what your goals are and assist you in defining a budget.
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    We have anti click-fraud technology
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    We will make sure your landing pages are optimised for conversions.
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    We make any needed changes to your website to improve ad performance.
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    Our senior account managers will create ad campaigns that get the most out of your budget.
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    We setup conversion tracking so you know how the ads are performing.
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    We monitor your ad campaigns daily, and make on-going refinements as needed.
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    We provide you with a monthly report for your records so you can see how the ad campaigns are helping your business grow.

Our AdWords team is always keeping up-to-date with market changes and updates within Google. This means that our customers are always getting the best possible service that we can provide. Interested in seeing how our AdWords management service could help your business grow? Get the ball rolling by requesting a quote today.

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