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Most businesses are used to traditional marketing and because they are so familiar with it they are reluctant to give digital marketing a try. We offer SEO services in Northern Beaches. Let’s try to define the two first so you can understand how traditional marketing works versus digital marketing. Traditional marketing includes tangible materials used to market a brand; these may come in the form of print ads, magazines, newspapers and business cards. It can also include brochures, billboard, radio and television commercials as well as posters. Digital marketing, on the other hand, includes social media platforms, websites, banner ads and YouTube videos among others. It is more or less similar to traditional marketing only that it makes use of digital devices. The goal of digital marketing is for your customers to find you online.

Business that incorporate digital marketing put ads and content in their websites so it would be easy for their target market to find them. Your customers will find you if they conduct an organic online search or they can find you through social media or through an article or a blog post shared online. The more your online visibility is increased and amplified, the more they’ll get to know you and trust your business.

It’s clear to see that we are all living in the digital era where everything is in digital form from shopping to banking and even our daily readings are digital-based think of e-magazines and electronic books. If your business doesn’t have an online counterpart then you’ve just lost a great deal of potential customers. Billions of people are using the Internet as you are reading this and if your business is not a part of the World Wide Web, your reach is very limited. At Webgator, we can help you with your digital marketing needs thanks to our effective and time-tested digital marketing tools that will help your business achieve online success. We know gaining clients is a challenge but this is a challenge we are more than happy to take because we know exactly how to find them, hook them and turn them into paying customers.


Digital marketing requires strategy. You don’t just go out there and create a website just because it’s in trend. There are rules and strategies you need to add to the mix to ensure that your digital marketing efforts are rewarded with website visits and customer conversions. Lucky for you, Webgator’s team of graphic design specialists are talented, skilled and trained to cater to your digital marketing needs particularly graphic design. We understand that anyone can design a brand from scratch but it does not guarantee results.

Our team of artists has a unique designing style that will surely evoke a response from visitors. Keep in mind that you only have less than ten seconds to make an impression. If a visitor isn’t impressed they will likely move to a different site. Our goal is to make them stay and keep them there until they convert into buyers.


No matter how attractive your website is or how compelling your graphic designs are, none of these are going to matter if you do not employ search engine optimisation. The goal of SEO is to position your website strategically at the top page of search engine sites. This means that when a potential customer makes an organic search that is relevant to your business, they will find your site and SEO will make sure that they do. Remember that customers don’t click on the last page of search engine sites, they barely make it to the second page. More often than not, the answers they want to see are all found on the first page. If your website is not positioned there then you’ve just lost potential sales. At Webgator, we specialise in SEO and we make sure that your website is ranked at the top, consistently to make it easier for your customers to find you and get to know you.

Why Choose Us?

Wherever you are in the world whether you’re in Collaroy we can assist you with your digital marketing campaign. We can promise you that we provide unparalleled service and we believe in transparency and quality digital marketing solutions. Collaroy is a beautiful place. This region was originally part of Narrabeen but was renamed after the collier S.S. Collaroy ran aground on the seashore in 1881 during a thunderstorm. It after busted up on the Californian coast in 1889 and was refloated.

Our team is ready and eager to help you because we believe that your success is our success as well. We offer our services in businesses located in areas in Scotland Island, Wheeler Heights, Many Vale, Fairlight and Clareville. If you want to learn more about our services, do browse our website or give us a call.

If you want to learn more about our services, you can feel free to visit our Webgator’s Office.