The Weather In Cairns

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To anyone who has been to Cairns, they would instantly understand why it is hailed as a fantastic tourist hot spot with great places to visit and hotels to stay at. The place is best known for its tropical climate but apart from that we all know that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the reasons why Cairns has gained international recognition and has drawn thousands of visitors to the area all year round. For those who want to experience a piece of heaven, Cairns is definitely the place to go. If you are planning to travel to this majestic city, you have to at least know what their weather is like.

Since Cairns is located in Queensland it is worth mentioning that the weather varies from one area to the next. To the west it is typical for them to experience hot summers and low rainfall but on the coast including Cairns, you’ll probably experience monsoonal wet seasons and for the summer? Well, let’s just say brace yourselves!

So what’s the weather really like on this part of the earth?

Cairns is a city that experiences mild to dry winters and humid summers. The annual maximum temperate of Cairns is 29°C with a sixty-two percent humidity. If you have plans to travel during this time at least you’ve got a heads up and plan your outfit accordingly. Nothing’s worse than bringing bikinis in the middle of winter.

Cairns summer falls on the months of December to February. The average temperature during this time is around 23.6 – 31.4°C. It only during December when the rain starts to fall and the yearly rainfall occurs mostly during the months of summer.

Autumn in Cairns falls in the months of March until May. The weather is warm in the morning and at night with a temperate that ranges between 21.5 and 29°C. The rain will stop by the month of April but it can be pretty windy until the month of August.

Winter in Cairns falls between the months of June until August. The humidity will be lower of course and the city becomes slightly cooler. This is the perfect season where tourists find their way in Cairns.

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