History of Cairns

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Unearthing Cairns’ History

Cairns is a beautiful city ensconced in the Cairns Region in Queensland. It is considered as the fifth most populated city in Queensland and the 14th most populated in the whole of Australia. The city was named after Sir William Wellington Cairns and it was founded in the year 1876 after gold was discovered in the area. But it was actually Captain James Cook who learned about the place a century back during his voyage in 1770 on board the HM Bark Endeavour. Captain James Cook used up all the seamanship skill he knew to traverse the channels between the mainland and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sadly, despite his skills, the HM Bark Endeavour crashed and got stranded on a bed of coral reefs and limped to land and got stuck at a river that was named Endeavour, which has now become what we know now as Cooktown. The disheartened crew also named other features based on the mood such as Hope Island, Cape Tribulation and Weary Bay.

Aboriginal inhabitants were content living near the sea and in rainforests but the immigrants thought the lands were a bit harsh. The reefs were dangerous, the climate was becoming unbearable and all sorts of diseases began to spread. But it was not until the gold hype enticed a horde of fortune hunters after gold was discovered and unearthed at Palmer River in the year 1872 when the area was developed.

Yet despite the progressive developments, still Cairns was for a very long time far from becoming a bustling futuristic city. In fact it remained as a mangrove swamp. It was only until a railway was created that it became a potential future city. Somehow the railway was responsible for the city’s developments because it opened up agricultural lands that offered livelihood for everyone after gold has declined.

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