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  • We only link to resourceful, informational pages
  • We use natural, journalistic anchor text. In some cases we cannot use exact-match keyword anchor text (or geo modifiers/city names either). You can specify what anchor you would prefer for each link, but we can’t guarantee that your preferred anchor will be approved by the publishing bodies.
  • Links can take 2-8 weeks to be published
  • We do not guarantee how long links will stick for. In most cases they will stay for the life of the website where it is published.
  • Link reports will be provided for the Standard, Premium, and Top-Tier links. However, no link reports will be provided for Backlink Boosts.
  • We do not service the following industries or topics:

    • Gambling
    • Adult
    • Spiritual/Religion
    • Political

  • If you purchase backlinks for an industry or topic we cannot service, we will refund your purchase.

A Backlink Boost, also know as ‘Tier 2 Linking’ helps power up backlinks by sending power and relevance to them via various High DA Web 2.0 sites and our partner network of sites. Each ‘Backlink Boost’ combines a campaign involving multiple linking techniques. One Backlink Boost can only be used to power up 1 backlink. If you ordered 3 Outreach Links, then you’ll need to order 3 Backlink Boosts if you want all 3 links powered up. Otherwise, you can note which link you want boosted in the Order Details section. If you’re not sure about what to do, give us a call on 1800 932 328.

NOTE: In some cases, linking opportunities arise which cost more or less than the backlinks we offer for sale here.