The Great PC/Tablet Debate

The Great PC/Tablet Debate 2017-10-01T10:42:04+00:00

Not doubt you have seen the commercials about the relatively new iPad Pro. In part, it claims that the new iPad Pros are able to replace your computer. Is that true? There are different opinions on that. On the other hand, Windows has been making huge strides in the tablet/PC market with the Surface Pro models. Which device is going to work for you? Let’s see.

iPad Pro

This is a very powerful tablet. What does it have under the hood? It’s powered by an A9X chip with 4GB of ram. Browsing or doing just about anything looks good on this 12.9-inch screen. Again, can it really replace your PC though? Not really. The majority of tech pros that have had a good opportunity to use it in different circumstances all say no. The iPad Pro is great for taking in different forms of content but it’s not really good for work. For example, when you’re doing a lot of work you usually need to have the ability to look at various windows. An iPad can line up two apps side by side but that’s about it. Not only that, things like apps in general can be difficult to use, for example, downloading things onto the iPad for future use. If you don’t have specific apps, you can’t download certain content. They have hard drives but again if you don’t use a specific app like Dropbox, it’s tough to access these things while you are using different programs at the same time. For example, English teachers that are teaching online need to access and upload information on employer websites. This is not possible with iPad Pros. The browser is not compatible. This isn’t to say that iPad Pros aren’t good. They’re great but just won’t be able to replace your laptop. What about the Surface Pro line?

Surface Pro 4

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying a Surface Pro 4. You can start at a low end Core m3 processor all the way to the i7 model. Ram comes in 4GB to 16GB. Storage is 128GB SSD or 256GB SSD. The biggest difference between the Surface Pro and iPad Pro is that the Surface Pro runs full Windows 10. It’s not limited in any way. Anything that your PC Windows 10 will do, the surface will likewise do. Running multiple windows, Excel, uploading content to websites and pretty much anything else is no problem for the Surface Pro 4. Besides that, you can purchase a keyboard that connects with ease. The buttons are not jammed together and have lighting for using it in dark places. The surface comes with a Bluetooth pen for no extra charge. That’s something to think about because Apple will charge you extra for their pen. It can be used in web design as well, but you can have your website professionally designed by Webgator.

Which One Should You Get?

It all depends on how you will use it. A good test is to just take a look at the apps that are available on the Apple app store. Are you a student? If you’re doing reports and light streaming, then the iPad Pro will probably work for you. If you want to use it for work, then you’re going to probably look for a Surface Pro 4, a true tablet/PC combination running full Windows 10.