Shield Yourself From Viruses

Shield Yourself From Viruses 2017-10-01T10:43:58+00:00

Nobody likes to have unwanted guests stop by, especially when they refuse to leave. The same is true of viruses. When we buy a brand-new computer, the first thing that usually pops into your head is, I’m going to make sure that it stays virus free. What is the best way to keep your computer clean? People don’t usually mind paying absurd amounts of money on the gear they use, but when it comes to anti-virus software we tend to cheap out. Why is that? Either way, there is a new feature to Windows 10 that can help solve people’s problems. What feature is that? Let’s see.

Windows Defender

Now with Windows 10, we don’t have to worry about anti-virus software. It comes preloaded as our default protection. Right from the beginning that you upgrade or install Windows 10 on your device, you will be protected. This is an anti-virus plus malware protector as well. This software comes with plenty of features such as protection for the cloud which will fight malware getting into your computer.

If you look at the reviews or listen to the experts, they tell you that it gives normal protection which is something that is good for day to day users like someone that is using their device to do some regular online surfing. This also includes protection when using different social networking sites and downloading small amounts of files.

What though if you are an avid downloader? You like to download high amounts of torrents or other things? In this case, Windows Defender probably isn’t going to do what you want it to do. Another thing to consider is how many times different antivirus software bug you while you are using your computer. It seems like they are constantly bombarding you with offers to upgrade or switch your service in different ways. Windows Defender will usually never annoy people with any of these offers. It seems to run seamlessly in the background uninterrupted.

Windows Defender will be able to protect you from most significantly bad malware. To optimize its performance, make sure to adjust the settings so that it runs even smoother. Under your settings, make sure to switch it so that everything runs automatically. This will make sure that while you might forget to scan your computer or update it, the computer won’t. For other ways to improve your Windows Defender experience, do some research on the internet.

If Windows Defender isn’t for you, there are a lot of free anti-virus software out there. Do your research, but a lot people really like Bitdefender or AVG. Even though we would like to think that having an anti-virus program will give us complete protection, we would only be kidding ourselves. Nothing can protect us against the ever growing number of viruses and malware that is out there. Using a good antivirus as well as surfing the web wisely is the best anti virus that we can have. For example, never download programs or files from places that you do not know. Do your research. The answers are out there. For all your other computer needs such as web design or SEO, think Webgator.