Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Is It Time For An Upgrade? 2017-10-01T10:40:19+00:00

Technology is great and has come such a long way. Even if you just compare life now to a few years ago, things like travel or connecting with our family and friends that live on the other side of the world can be done with relative ease. One problem that technology has posed though, is when we should upgrade. If it were up to Apple, Samsung, Sony etc., then we would replace our devices every year. So when should we upgrade? More specifically, when should be upgrade our laptops?

It’s probably around the three year mark that we get the, “I need to replace my laptop” jitters. Before you go and replace it, just make sure that this is something that you actually need to do. Think about the following questions first:

Will It Really Solve My Problems?

Is your laptop just dragging its heels so to speak? Is it more sluggish than normal? Before you do a full replacement, upgrading your RAM is a very cheap option. It’s very easy to do as well. Within just a few minutes, you can see your computer speed change dramatically. Another option that can be a little bit pricier but effective is changing your hard drive. This will take a little more expertise. Changing your hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD) can make your computer seem brand new again. HDD drives come standard in most computers but take a long time to access information on your computer so by buying a new SSD hard drive can help quite a bit. SSD drives will allow you to access your information instantly. Once your new SSD hard drive is installed, just reset your computer and you’ll notice that the speed in rebooting it is way faster. It will be incredibly different. Are you trying to play a new game that requires a better graphics card? Your current graphics card might not be made to handle playing newer games with more advanced graphics. In a laptop, you can’t upgrade your graphics card, so you might need to buy a new laptop, sorry.

Can I Do This Myself?

If it’s a battery or RAM that needs to be replaced, then you can probably watch a YouTube movie and be able to perform the task yourself. Make sure to do your homework on whatever you want to replace because you might do more harm than good. Laptops have different designs and are constructed in different ways. Make sure that you get specific information for whatever you will do on your laptop. The internet is a great source for manuals if you lost your original.

Is It Really Worth It?

If you can do it yourself then you will only have to pay for parts. Besides that, though if you have to get a tech to do it, charges will add up very quickly. Batteries and RAM are relatively cheap but if you want a good Solid State Hard Drive, it will set you back a few hundred dollars or more. DVDs are a thing of the past so you might want to upgrade to a Blu-ray player, but this can cost up to $400. Instead of putting lipstick on a pig, you might take that money and put it into a new computer that will last you another few years.

The Verdict

Answer those questions honestly and you will find out if you really need to upgrade or not. If you need help and more information with other things like web design or SEO services, think Webgator.