Graphic Design and ROI

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How Graphic Design Influences Conversion

Not all businesses have websites. There are business owners who are content with their profitability that the need to create a website no longer fascinates them. Sure, there are companies sans websites that are doing fantastically well in terms of their finances, if you’re one of them then consider yourself lucky. In today’s digital era, it is very rare for a business to survive without having a strong online presence. It’s a huge challenge to get your business to stand out but if you’re earning more than enough without the help of a website then we congratulate you!

But there’s one inarguable fact that all business owners need to know, if you’re doing good without linking your business to a website then you’ll do so much better and see a vast improvement in your sales if you invest in one. You’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make once you have a live website. While it’s true that having your own website set up needs investment in terms of finances, time and effort rest assured that one of the major benefits you’ll get to enjoy by having a website is a double or a triple in your income. Trust us, we know it’s going to be worth it.

In a website, there are two important features that catch a potential customer’s attention; one is graphic design and two, is content. In this blog, we’ll focus on graphic design and how it can influence conversion.

Firstly, if your website has high quality and relevant graphic design, people will stick around to learn more about your business. Remember that consumers love eye-candy so if they come across a website that gives them just that, there’s a good chance they’ll browse around.

Secondly, graphics just like videos are attention grabbing. If you’ve thought well and hard about the images you embed on your website then the chances of visitors clicking the back button or the X button to close your site are unlikely.

Thirdly, a flashy website impresses potential customers and once they are impressed they are more likely to make a purchase.

Fourthly, updated images that show your modern side will help build your credibility and will compel visitors to trust you. Visitors will only convert to buying customers when a trust has been established.

To sum it all up, once you incorporate high quality, well thought out and eye-catching graphic design into your website, your sales will increase and when your sales increase, your profitability will improve. If you are wondering if graphic design has an influence on conversion, the answer is obviously a YES.

If for some reason we’ve convinced you to create a website assuming you don’t have one or if your website needs a makeover because it’s outdated, make sure you find a company that specialises and offers graphic design services so you can get the best out of your website and more importantly, a return on investment. Don’t risk not engaging with one because you’ll only waste time, money and effort over something that will not likely give you the results you were hoping for.

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