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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, one of the most populated cities in Australia. In fact, it is ranked as the 3rd most populated city in the country. In terms of figures, the metropolitan area is estimated to have a whopping 2.4 million people and on the southeast Queensland region, it is estimated to have a population of around 3.5 million people. Brisbane is also known to be one of Australia’s oldest cities.

Despite being one of the most ancient cities in Australia, Brisbane’s tourism is booming! Tourists seem to have a soft spot for it based on the number of visitors coming in each year to visit this beautiful city. A lot of people from different parts of the globe appear to be enamored by Brisbane’s charm, and it’s no mystery why. Obviously, Brisbane is home to hundreds of attractions from famous landmarks, restaurants, cafes, diners, and shopping malls, nightclubs to museums. You name it they have it.

If you’ve never been to Brisbane before you might wonder when is the best time to visit the place.

You might wonder when’s the best time to visit Brisbane. If you’re planning to visit the city this year make sure you are familiar with the city’s weather. We’ll offer our suggestions but of course, this is all up to you depending on you predilection.

The following explains Brisbane’s weather all year-round.

Our recommendation for the best months to visit the city is from March up to May as this is the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere where Australia is geographically located. The temperature in autumn usually ranges between 50 and mid-80 with very little rainfall at the later part of the season. However, it is still necessary to put on sunscreen because the city will experience an estimated eight hours of sun every day because of its subtropical climate.

Brisbane’s winter season falls between the months of June until the month of August while spring season lasts from September until November. Both seasons are not very favorable because of its mild temperature and very dry days. However, it still comes as a surprise that no matter what the weather is like, hotel booking seem to be solidly high especially during the month of September. It so happens that on this month the Brisbane Festival is celebrated. If you plan to visit Brisbane at this time we suggest you make your bookings ahead including airfare and hotel accommodation because people are surely going to fill these rooms during this time. Also, if you don’t mind the weather and you really just want to visit Brisbane where there are lots of hotel rooms available and with minimal tourists, fly to the city during December up to early March because this is considered as the humid and wet season. If you’re the type of person who likes to go outdoors and do outdoor activities, you may want to consider rebooking your December to March ticket.

So there you have it, the weather in Brisbane encapsulated in one read. Still awake?

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