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Why do you think is it necessary to know the best schools in Brisbane? Education is vital because it will help steer you towards the right direction and more importantly, it will give you sustenance and security. Ideally, everyone should complete his or her education. If you are going to apply for a white-collared job and work in an office or in an administrative setting, it’s very likely that their HR manager will ask for a diploma or ask where you graduated. But it’s not enough to just graduate and finish school, making it to one of the best schools in the city is actually a plus as it puts you in an advantage over other competitors. When a company is hiring, they’ll definitely choose the cream of the crop. So if one of you belongs to a superior and well-known school, he or she will likely get chosen over the rest of you.

This has to be realised by parents because you only get one shot at high school and college. This is an investment that needs to be carefully thought-out. You need to consider the pros and cons of every school and be familiar with the best schools from where you are. It has been proven one too many times that those who graduate from the best schools have an edge when it comes to landing high-paying jobs over graduates from mediocre schools. This post is dedicated to parents who are still looking for the best school for their kids. If you are going to spend money over your child’s tuition fees, then might as well spend it on the best school with the best training and education.

Remember that education determines the course of your future. Sure, there are people who graduated from not-so well-known schools but made their break in business but this only happens out of sheer hard work, it doesn’t apply to everyone. So if you want to make the most out of your school years, better make it count.

So far, this is the list of the best top ten schools in Brisbane this year:

1. Varsity College

2. Brisbane State High School

3. North Lakes State College

4. Chancellor State College

5. Kelvin Grove State College

6. Meridian State College

7. Helensvale State High School

8. Palm Beach-Currumbin State High School

9. Stretton State College

10. Mansfield State High School

Going for the best school will have an impact on your child’s life and future. One wrong move because you were only concerned about letting them graduate so you allow them pick a school of their choice without doing research can jeopardize their potential. As a parent, it is your responsibility to carefully and meticulously study and know the best schools available for your child. So far, these are the top then choices in Brisbane (according to our research online). If you have the time, please do visit their individual websites or do some extensive research about their academic programs and records. This can really help your child and gear them for their future. Brisbane is a great place to study. The weather is great all year round!

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